Discover the Secrets on How to Stay

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Are you an entrepreneur who is worried because your business was badly hit by the pandemic and you want to bounce back? 

Are you a corporate leader who is concerned how to keep your team motivated and engaged so your organization can thrive? 

Are you an employee who is anxious about getting laid off because your company is not doing so well? Or were you part of the millions that were already laid off? 

Are you anxious because you are not certain when all this will end and what will happen in the future? 

If you want to bounce back and THRIVE in the new normal, GRATITUDE is no longer optional. It's non-negotiable!

Here's what the participants shared:

Did you miss the World Gratitude Summit™ when it aired live on Aug 13-15, 2020?

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Here's Why the Summit Participants Upgraded to the VIP ALL-ACCESS PASS

Who is the VIP ALL-ACCESS PASS for

The VIP ALL-ACCESS PASS is for you if:

✅You were busy and you were not available the entire Aug 13-15, 2020 to enjoy the summit. Thus, you want the VIP Ongoing, Unlimited Access so you can go back to the summit anytime you want and not miss out on anything.
✅ You were able to watch some or most of the videos on Aug 13-15 and you found so much value in them, you want to have a copy of those videos so you can watch them anytime you need inspiration.
✅ You have the hunger and humility to keep learning and growing and you believe in investing in yourself.
✅ You want to stay mentally healthy and thrive financially.
✅ You want to get insights on how gratitude can help you achieve real success and happiness from some of the world's bestselling authors, psychologists, and entrepreneurs.

There's a saying that says "Repetition is the mother of all learning." With your VIP ALL-ACCESS PASS, you can revisit the summit anytime you want, for as long as you want.

Here's a Summary of What's Included in the VIP ALL-ACCESS PASS

Meet the Summit Host

Sha Nacino is a trusted global speaker on Gratitude and Creativity and an author of 12 books. 

She is the founder of the World Gratitude Summit, Global Authors Summit, and Write a Book Summit.  As a speaker, Sha has spoken and addressed thousands of audiences in different countries such as the Philippines, Singapore, HongKong, Malaysia, India, Spain, U.S., and the Maldives.

Sha was awarded by the United Nations Global Entrepreneur Council as the Female Entrepreneur of the Year in 2019.  You can reach Sha at or [email protected]