Count Me In!

Dear Hardworking OFW,

Are you tired of being homesick? Yung gustong gusto mo nang umuwi for good, pero di mo magawa kasi lubog ka pa sa utang at wala ka pa ding ipon?

Have you ever wondered how some OFWs manage to become truly happy?

Have you ever dreamed of being financially stable AND happy, kahit gaano kahirap yung sitwasyon mo?

Yes? Then keep reading because this is for you!

Mahirap maging OFW. People think it’s easy because of the money, but it’s not.

It takes a lot of sacrifice. Sleepless nights. Bucket of tears.

Yung malayo ka sa pamilya mo tapos di mo alam kung kailan mo ulit sila makakasama.

You Have No Choice But to Leave Your Family and Work Abroad Just to Provide

Everything suddenly changes. You wake up missing them, gusto mo silang mayakap at makamusta pero di mo magawa.

You have to wait for them to go online. After that, you work hard all day even if you get treated unfairly by your employer.

Tapos dika pa sure kung secured ka sa trabaho mo.

And sometimes you tell yourself that it’s okay...

Kasi para naman ‘to sa kanila, diba?

Matatapos working hours mo, but at the end of the day...

You’re still far from home. Feeling mo wala kang karapatang mapagod at ma-homesick kasi kailangan mong kumayod para sa pamilya mo, kailangan ka nila...


And even SACRIFICE YOUR OWN HAPPINESS to provide for your loved ones.

Minsan feel mo wala ka nang choice, and it’s emotionally draining.

But here’s the truth:

Simply Waiting for the Situation to Change Is Only Going to Make You Feel Hopeless

It feels impossible to become positive when you’re stuck in a situation.

But sadly, you’re losing time.

It’s being spent on days of frustration and homesickness.

Imagine if everything falls apart.

Your children are emotionally distant, kasi dumaan nalang mga important events sa buhay nila tapos wala ka.

Your marriage is filled with conflict. Di mo na alam pano aayusin.

Pagod ka na sa LDR.

You struggle in saving money. Gusto mo pa sana magpadala kaso kulang. Gusto mo na sana umuwi kaso hindi pa kaya.

You go through stress every single day. Palagi kang nabuburnout.

And you feel hopeless, unhappy, and stuck.

You feel like there’s nothing you could do but see these things happen in your life.

Nakakawalang gana, diba?

So paano na?

Is this really the life for you as an OFW?

Well, what if I told you that you can still be truly HAPPY and even RICH..

Even as an OFW?

You don’t have to live in fear...

You don’t have to feel hopeless...

Because happiness starts with YOU.

Yes, hindi imposible!

All it takes is faith, action, and a whole lot of inspiration.

But how?

Saan ako magsisimula?


The Overseas Filipinos Summit™

This is an ONLINE SEMINAR and you can join wherever you are -- as long as you have internet connection.

I interviewed Bro. Bo Sanchez, Jomar Hilario, Jhet van Ruyven, Jay Castillo, Susan Vidal, and 40+ experts who will inspire you and give you practical tips on how to be financially stable and happy.

Imagine attending a 5-day seminar without leaving your home. Imagine attending a 5-day seminar and instead of going to the venue and meet the speakers, the speakers go to you -- right in your computer. Yes, yan mismo ang mangyayari sa Overseas Filipinos Summit™.

Count Me In!

Are You Ready to Be Financially Stable and Happy?


Count Me In!

Count Me In!

and more speakers coming up!

Count Me In!

Here's a summary of what you'll get when with your VIP All-Access Pass:

✅ LIFETIME access to all the 40+ video interviews so you can always go back to the videos anytime you want, anywhere you are. (Php30,000 value)

✅ Downloadable videos so you can watch them even when you are offline. (Php12,000 value)

✅ Downloadable audios/mp3 so you can listen to the interviews on your phone or while you are commuting to work and learn on the go. (Php 12,000 value)

✅ Bonus #1: VIP Access to the Exclusive Facebook Group for OFS so you can meet your fellow OFWs and hang out with the resource speakers. You can ask questions and raise concerns you may have. (Value: Priceless)

✅ Bonus #2: How to Zero Out Credit Card Debts and Free Yourself from Financial Worries so you can discover how to save yourself from years of misery caused by high credit card interest rates and so you can have peace of mind. (Php1,500 value)

✅ Bonus #3: My interview with janitor-turned-millionaire entrepreneur Arnold Vargas so you'll be inspired that someone who didn't finish school and who came from a poor family can succeed.. You will discover his secrets and what he did to rise from poverty. (Php1,500 value)

The total value of the VIP Pass is Php57,000.

Since the Overseas Filipinos Summit is online, you don't have to spend for travel or hotel just to attend the seminar. You can watch the videos in the comfort of your own home. Or you may download the audio version of the interviews and listen to them while you are commuting.

Nag-research din ako at na-realize ko... This is the ONLY ONLINE SEMINAR for OFWs that caters to the five most important aspects of our lives -- Faith, Family, Love & Relationships, Fun & Fitness, Finances & Career, and Finances & Business.

Don't worry, I won't charge you that much!

I admire you for being responsible, for making sacrifices for your family. Working abroad is not easy.

That's why as a treat, I decided to price the Overseas Filipinos Summit plus all the BONUSES at Php10,000 only.


I want to make this a REAL TREAT for you. Consider this as our early Christmas gift for you.

So here's the GOOD NEWS!

If you register to the VIP All-Access Pass on or before December 20, 2019, you will get it at 90% off!

Php 997 only!

After December 20, the price will increase!

Count Me In!

Meet Sha Nacino

Sha Nacino
Sha Nacino

Sha Nacino is a trusted global speaker on gratitude and creativity. She has spoken to thousands of audiences from more than 26 countries globally. Sha is a prolific author who has written and published 12 books so far. She is the founder The 90-Day Book Writing Challenge™ ONLINE COURSE (, HR Summit Global™, Global Authors Summit™ and Write University™. Sha is recognized as a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM), the highest award given by Toastmasters International to its members worldwide. Sha is also a Jack Canfield Certified Trainer on Success Principles.

On a lighter note, Sha loves to travel and have fun! She enjoys painting, dancing, and singing (although she has yet to learn how to carry a tune). She also likes playing with kids and bonding with her family and friends. She's currently happily single who dreams of meeting her future husband soon!

If you wish to invite Sha to speak in your company, event, or global conference, or if you simply want to connect with her, email her at [email protected]

Count Me In!


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